Sunday, October 23, 2011

Useful ESL Resources

In preparation for the Kenshukai (Education Research seminar) later this year, I have collected together a few of the beneficial ESL websites I frequently utilize.

Nearly all of these websites focus on ESL learning and together form a useful database for English materials, such as flash cards, word puzzles, worksheets, and English based activities and games ready made for your convenience.

The reason I am posting this information on this blog, is because I may need to reference these sites at a later date, and I thought it would be nice to be able to do it from my smart phone in real time instead of having to save files onto a SD card and try and transfer them manually, which can be a pain. Also, I can direct others to this post which may help them build their own data base of English teaching materials.

1. Eigo Note Blog (

2. Eigo Noto (

3. Boggles World ESL (

4. A4 ESL (

5. ESL HQ (

6. Eigo Batake (

7. MES English (

8. Genki English (

9. Matsuka Phonics (

10. Dave's ESL Cafe (

11. My (

12. Livewire Puzzles (

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