Friday, October 21, 2011

The Scarecrow & Lady Kignston: Escort Escapades

As many of you know, I love to write, and as such, I write, write, and write some more. Some might even call me a writer.

The second installment of The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston, Escort Escapades, is now available for Kindle and Kindle Fire on!

Here is the summary of the plot, which continues after the events of part one.

A strange assassin prowls the streets of L.A. A well known adult entertainment actress becomes collateral damage in a corrupted Senator's night life, and once again Julie finds herself involuntarily connected to the bizarre events. The FBI butts into Detective Julie Kingston's affairs causing her to be more ill tempered than ever. Meanwhile, her vulpine rival, the starlet Kateland Ramese Beckensale, gets tangled up in the whole mess when she becomes the assassin’s next target. To make matters worse, Julie gets stuck in the middle of having to dismantle a bomb set to detonate in downtown L.A.

Scarecrow, with time running out, tirelessly works to piece together the puzzle of seemingly unrelated events—and save his partner—but will he solve the mystery before it's too late?

The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston: Escort Escapades is approximately 15,000 words long. Warning: contains sexual references, action based violence, and some offensive language. Recommended for mature audiences.

This novella makes for a great gift for oneself--especially if you like action/adventure, mystery, suspense, comedy. Be sure and check it out!

The wycked cover art was provided by my long time friend Sedat Oezgen.

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