Saturday, June 25, 2011

Balloon Girl Akiyo!

A new Seven Eleven opened up the street from us. Today they were having bubbles and balloon fun in the parking lot around noon, for all the children, as a promotional gimmick. There must have been like 30 kids playing with bubbles and getting animal balloons made. But that wasn't the most impressive part. The most impressive thing was the balloon girl, named Akiyo, 20 years old. Other than the fact that she was dressed like every man's fantasy girl, and admittedly she was damn fine, but the real amazing thing was how talented with the rubber balloons she was. She could make a lion, a poodle, a bear, a giraffe, a snake, and she was fast. She could make about five balloon animals per minute. I just watched her for a long time and when the line had a pause, she came over and asked if I wanted a picture with her. (Secretly I did, of course, but instead I gave her Solara to hold and took a pic of them together. Nobody wants to be the old pervert hitting on the Japanese girl dressed like a baby doll. Well, okay, I take that back. If I was single, I would have definitely hit on her--after all, she came up to me).

Anyway, I was impressed by her height. She's wearing heals, of course, but without them she has to be at least my height (a mere 5'9"). With the heals she towered over me by two or three inches. That and she was in AMAZING shape. Her legs and arms had so much muscle tone... that I now regret asking what she did (because obviously making balloon animals doesn't get you in that good of shape). My wife thinks I'm funny for being so in love with the balloon girl. But what can I say? She really made my day.