Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puri-Kura Time!

Last weekend I made the arduous journey from Hiroshima to Kumamoto. Arduous because, if you've ever driven on the densley packed Japanese toll high ways, well, then you probably know exactly what I mean. Short drives are fine, but over six hour trecks are more than nerve wracking. Anyway, a guy has gotta' do what a guy has goatta' do. The bottom line is, I was happy to see my wife again and get a few days off work. The baby is "super genki" and is kicking like a ninja/soccer player. Future Shaolin soccer master? Perhaps.

 For those who haven't heard, we've already decided on a name. People have names after all, and we only thought it would be fair greet our baby daughter properly. So in three weeks we shall welcome Solara Sapphire Vick into the world!

Sayaka's mother accompanied us to the print club photo fun booth, called puri-kura (purinto-kurabu) in Japanese. Taking puri-kura photos is a popular past time for Japanese, as they do it in middle school and high school every weekend with their friends. Sometimes adults just can't help feel a little nostalgic and hop in one for old times sake.


feeno said...

Nice come back over at Mak's. That was funny.

Congrats on little Solara, I have 2 girls and they're the best. I do hope however she looks like her Mother.

Peace be with you, feeno

Tristan Vick said...


Thanks for dropping by! If you have any comments or questions about Japan, throw them my way! I'm always up for a good discussion.