Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aliens and Predators Ate my Student's Brains!

Funny story. One of my third year boy students (same as a high school freshman in America) came up to mean and started telling me how excited he was that the movie "Aliens vs. Predator" would be on television this weekend. He continued to inform me about how awesome scary movies were, and we have a really fun geeky conversation about scary movies.

He had mentioned that he loved the television series "Supernatural" also a personal favorite of mine, and then asked me what my current favorite scary show was? I informed him about "True Blood" and he got overly excited about a new Vampire TV series which will come to Japan soon. I responsibly added that the show was rated for adults and had too much gore and nudity in it. This, however, seemed to only excite him about the show. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.

A few minutes later I was talking to a girl student in the hall and she told me with great excitement that she was going to watch "Aliens vs. Predator" this weekend on TV. Deja vu struck me, and I couldn't help feel that I had just had this conversation. Low and behold, this lovely young lady was planning to watch this scary movie with her boyfriend, and she was excited, not because of the Aliens and Predators which were going to terrorize her imagination, but she was extatic about snuggling up to her man and enjoying time together amid the Aliens and Predators.

A little while later I ran into them both again, and asked them if they were dating. My students got embarassed, but then informed me that they were "sort of dating." They were boyfriend and girlfriend, but dating is a real big word here in Japan, so they didn't want to admit that... just that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I told them I understand, dating implies serious comitment and even a physical relationship, so boyfriend and girlfriend it is then. We all continued to talk about scary movies, and if I'm not mistaken "Aliens vs. Predator" should be airing any minute now.

Catch you all next time! Have a great weekend! I'm gonna catch myself some B-rated sci-fi, and hope that everyone has a good time this evening.

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