Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 2009 Graduation

Final shots before everyone heads off to various high schools and onto new exciting lives as young adults. Good luck everyone! Sorry I couldn't put up pictures of all my students, but here are a few photos of the fine young men and women I have grown fond of during my time in Japan.

A pyramid of girls! I jumped up on a desk suddenly surprising them. Got a few screams before taking some final photos together. Then they had their graduations ceremony and the long walk, which is a walk all the way down the school drive and then out into the street where they disappear forever--off to high school and their exciting new lives as young adults!

My students all looking serious. I had a great shot of everyone smiling and laughing, and then it came out all blurry. I'm really bumbed about that since everyone looks so serious in this shot. But it's better to have the memories than not, wouldn't you agree?

I spent three fun years with these amazing kids and got to watch them grow into real people with dreams, aspirations, and goals for the future. Their personalities all came shining through, which was quite fitting considering the school motto is "All will Shine!"