Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year & the Mari Mokkori Energy Drink!

Happy New Year!

I was lucky to catch up with the lovely Inoue Yukari (Yukari-chan!), an old aquaintance from my college time in Japan.

Met up with my good friend and college buddy Takumi Nezu!

Yes, and my other college pal Kikkuchi (Mr. Takahiro) came along too.

The lovely Inoue (Yukari) came along with us for some eating and remeniscing of the good old times in college.
It was funny when Yukari told me that she wanted to ask me out on a date when we were going to school together six years ago, but that she was too afraid of the fact that my Japanese wasn't good enough, so she never did. She came to all of the parties though and we hung out quite a bit. It was interesting getting to know her now that I can speak more affluently and communicate with her. We laughed about a lot of stuff.

Here's another picture of the adorable Yukari!

Some special cookies wrapped in a nice "Japanesey" box as a Xmas present for my family back home (it's in the mail).

Decided to jump into an anime and hang with Totor, b'cuz why not?

My Christmas peresent from my father was a sleek PlayStation 3 extremely rare Metal Gear Solid Gun-metal grey finish edition. I can actually sell this think on Ebay for over $1,000 if I wanted to.

Any PS3 is fine with me, but because of my specific tastes in accessories to color coridinate and go with the rest of the stuff I own, I requested Santa track down a very rare version of the sytem for me. Granted I was spoiled with a stunning sleek charcoal grey polished to look like gun-metal limited edition PS3. They only made 10,000 of these in the whole world!

On the way home, after new years, we stopped at a rest area and in the giftshop I found a really amusing energy drink with the infamous Mari Mokkori on the can!

The Japanese hiragana and katakana reads "Mokkori Power!" Mari Mokkori is the beloved character from Hokkaido who sport a large erection while wearing a speedo. もっこり mokkori litterally means to 'rise up'.

The drink was basically vitamin D with some other stuff thrown in. It doesn't promise to actually help erectile disfuntion, no you'll need viagara for that, but it does wake you up and give you a jolt! Plust the little icon Mari Mokkori is just so cute! Everybody knows him in Japan.

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