Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random Japan Pics, Miyajima, Takoyaki, Space and so much more!

The ever epic Miyajima! And just for added effect on distinguishing the massiveness of it, sans tide, I took a size comparison shot. I threw in some people into the shot too. I hand placed them which took forever. They kept wanting to do their own thing, but I was like, "No, dammit! Stay put! This is for art!" Needless to say, I eventually got the shot I wanted. No thanks to them!

"Eat me!" Bwahhh! What is this, some kind of sick joke? Or ironic advertising? Probably the first one, because the Japanese have absolutely no concept of irony. But they do know how to fry dem'selves up sum taco! And by 'taco' I mean octopus.

Some Hello Kitty idols to worship. You have the classical stone idol look, for Buddhist temples and what not, and then you have the golden version to distract those monotheistic based religions, like the Jews and what not.

Here are some of my girl students. I tried to make the pick look like a giant "puri-kura" photo. There are such sweet girls. It's been really fun to watch them grow up.
Japan's red dot is supposed to be symbolic of the sun. Probably because the Emperor was a sun-god or something. Which would go against the laws of physics not to mention reason.

Speaking of physics, I got my P.h.d in the study of the effects of zero-G on nose-picking. Space, the final frontier!

Oh, and speaking of space... here's a cute little space critter. A freehand sketch of Stitch I did in my spare time. Just a doodle.

Mini car! Hey, it looks like it could come from outer space. Or the future! What...? The future?! I just came back from the future! Great scott!

A nuclear submarine, because maybe space isn't the final frontier?

Don't worry. It's not a real demon.

Uh...yeah, heh hehe, whatever you say. Huh?

Exactly. This is my own personal motto in life. Whereas some people have all these rules, and morals, and stuff. I only live by one rule! "Hamburger is my life."

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