Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hatsukaichi "Sera Fireworks Festival"

Yes, there were even Samurai at the festival! They protected us from all the crazy drunk people.

Some high school age girls dressed up in their yukatas. A yukata is like a light summer kimono made of cotton. They wear yukatas to fireworks festivals and other traditional gatherings. Men can where them also, however the girls versions are always much more colorful and pretty.

Hanabi! A shot of some fireworks going off.

More fireworks going off.

Found Midori dressed in... midori! Very nice!

Midori brought her adorable neice along. :)~

The parade marches on! They played the Shamisen (a 3 stringed Japanese banjo thingy) and traditional music as they marched up and down the narrow streets only to stop and do funny comedy acts in the middle of the street. The show must go on!

A lady making candy apples. They always look so yummy, however, they take forever to gnaw on. I like caramel apples better... but they don't have those here. Oh well, I'll live.

Some of my students were part of a dance troupe, but they didn't want their photos taken, so they were all acting cool. Still, a nice shot.

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