Friday, July 11, 2008


Battleship 大和
The Battleship Yamato is known to be the largest most magnificent Battleship ever constructed. The Japanese devised it specifically to plow through the U.S. fleet, and it could have, except for the ironic fact that there was no U.S. fleet. Due to the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the U.S. fleet was all but sunk, minus a few aircraft carriers. Before the Battle of Okinawa the Yamato and the Japanese Imperial Fleet went up against the U.S. fighter pilots who sunk the entire Japanese fleet off the coast of Kyushu. Sad for the Yamato, since the last mission was a suicide run to try and take out a U.S. aircraft carrier too far away to reach, not before being torpedoed to death by planes. A less than poetic end for such a technical marvel.

The model of the Yamato in the main hall at the Yamato War Museum is a 1/10 scale replica. It's huge!

My friend Patrick came to visit us in Sera, and of course we wanted to show him around to interesting places. He had mentioned the Yamato War Museum in Kure City, and although I know a slew of JET ALTs from Kure, I've never been there myself. So we packed up in the Honda Fit and drove down. It took about two hours by car, but the drive was beautiful and Patrick got to see the countryside before seeing the big city. The Museum is excellent by the way, and if you ever plan on visiting Japan or Hiroshima, make sure you visit the bordering port town of Kure, the museum is worth it, especially if you are a history buff.

Outside the Museum entrance is a twenty foot tall statue of the Greek god Poseidon (Neptune), god of the Sea. It was funny to see a passing troupe of Japanese school girls giggle and admire the statues "anatomy." They really reacted quite animated at the excitement of seeing a large naked man. Another lady in her thirties, with her tongue poked out and her face squinting from the sunlight and deep concentration, kept zooming in with her camera. She was standing about the same spot I took this picture and I zoomed in zero due to the massive size of the thing. But she kept zooming in, zooming in, and her friend kept anxiously asking her, "Did you get it? Did you get it yet?" I wonder what she was taking a picture of?

More updates to come by the end of this weekend, I promise! But I have some chores to do first, so blogging will have to wait. Stay tuned!