Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life in Sera: an update

Again, not many personal posts recently. I've been working on another book, so that consumes most of my writing time. Also, it seems every weekend we've been doing stuff and work has been busier than usual this year. Partially, I think, it's due to my closer involvement with these students. My san-nensei (3rd year Junior High Schoolers --the equivilant of High school freshman in America) are the kids which were just coming into Junior high from Elementary school when I first arrived in Sera.

I guess I'm starting to feel my age as I see my third set of students grow up and graduate. My first batch of kids I met the first year here are graduating high school this year and are going onto college. A couple week ago I went to the High School's culture festival and saw many of my old pupils, some of them came up to greet me and reflect on their middle school days. Many of them still remembered me, which was a nice feeling, since it shows I made and impact on their lives--hopefully for the better. In fact, all ove my students who graduated Sera Junior High last semester all said high to me and invited me to their fair booths at the High School. Some of the girls came up to me and struck a casual conversation, treating me like an old friend rather than a teacher. It was great to see them all, and the admiration in their eyes really warmed my heart.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures from that day, I was busy, and also, I forgot my camera at home. Oops!

Above is a picture of my "Naruto" cake which my English class made for me and Sayaka after our wedding.

Other than that there hasn't been anything too exciting to report. Sayaka, and I took Arend (the ALT from New Zealand who teaches at the high school) to the new Indiana Jones film last weekend. I enjoyed the movie a lot, although I thought the latter part ran a bit long, it was a great action adventure romp. I rented Disturbia too, in my Shia LaBeouf craze. I really have enjoyed watching this young actor grow up from his Even Stevens days to become one of Hollywoods leading men. Transformers is still one of my all time favorite movies. Who would have thought that little Even Stevens would grow up to be America's highest grossing action star? Yeah, I didn't see it coming either.


Natalija said...

Hahaha this is soooo crazy I feel exactly the same way about Shia! My friend Peter makes fun of me for it all the time. On the other hand, I TOTALLY called it with him. I knew he was going to blossom into a beautiful rose, and darn it, I watched him on Even Stevens, he was the only reason to watch that show. Love it. Love him.

Tristan Vick said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I don't see why everyone bashes Shia, and then say their favorite movie is Transformers, or whatever. I think the kids got talent. Surprisingly, most of his films are superbly entertaining. I enjoy everything he's in. Although him popping up in the Constantine movie threw me, but yeah, I should start the "I hart Shia" fansite. No... wait... too late. Darn.