Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Golden Week

Some photos from my "stay at home" Golden Week.

Searched for some Geishas, but didn't find any.

The inside of the Geisha palace turned traditional hotel opens into a central garden. With no closing door, I'm sure this building got extremely drafty and chilly in the winter!

In the back was another Japanese garden. I guess this one was the 'romantic' one where the Geisha could take strolls with the various suitors and patrons.

Instead I found a Samurai! He was sitting in the dressing room of an traditional Geisha resort called Koishiki. It was very old, and very beautiful, and now acts and a Japanese style hotel.

Details! Although the armor is as cool as hell, an eight year old boy would barely fit into it. Unlike the movie "The Last Samurai" the real Samurai were mini-sized people. But regardless of the size of the warrior's physique, it's the size of their fighting spirit which really matters!

Went to Sera's famous tulip flower garden.
Sayaka liked the purple ones.

The tulips spanned as far as the eye could see!

Was lucky enough to partake in some "planting of the rice" and I even drove the machine, which is called a Nekko, which means "cat" in Japanese. I asked why they call it that, but nobody knew. I planted half a 'tambo' or muddy rice field. It was fun, except I think the whiteness of my legs may have scared the natives.

Sayaka and I ate some waffles to recover from out hard day of work and play. Mine were chocolate banana with powdered sugar and ice cream. Yum yum!

Well, that about sums up my Golden week. I may not have gone very near or or very far, but I did get out a bit.

Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day!

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