Friday, March 07, 2008

Mugen 無限

The Mugen 無限 Fit is my new 'affordable' dream car. Sure, I'd love a Ferrari, Aston Martin, or a slew of muscle cars --who wouldn't? But let's not kid ourselves, not everybody is a millionaire, and the last time I checked being a school teacher doesn't pay by the millions. Although it should --cuz I have the power to mess up your kids and turn them into retards. One Million Dollars OR ELSE! Bwah-Hahaha! Heh... *heh-Hem. I kid...I kid!

Anyhoozit... HONDA's little tuner company called Mugen 無限 has created a nicely tooled body kit for the spiffed up turbo charged 1.5 lt V-tec engine giving it 150 hp and 136 lb.-ft torque. It also includes a slew of other enhancement goodies giving the car racing brakes, coilover suspension, chrome dual exhaust, larger air intakes, electronic tire gauges, leather interior with racing trim, a variety of alloy wheel selections (17 in.), etc. I really love the new detailing and what's more is this is a fun affordable car --and ever since I bought my Fit (used) I've been nothing but impressed and inspired with the design, handling, and overall make-up of this vehicle. I drive a red Fit with Sports trim, and they sell for approx. $17,000 new.

I got so excited by seeing the Mugen 無限 Fit that I ran down to my local Honda dealer and got pamphlets on the Mugen 無限 Fit RS Aero. I'm lucky, because none of the online press releases or auto shows have been listing a price for this edition of the Fit, but low and behold I can order one today if I wanted: for a very economic 250,000 万円(¥), i.e. approx. $22,000 (American). That's not bad package deal for a fully loaded Mugen 無限 Fit. If I ever decide to live in Japan permanently, this is the car for me.

It's so neat! And yellow! Plus the car goes fast, and gets great gas mileage which is practical, wouldn't you agree? Also it'd be practical for getting kids to school on time, getting to work early, or else racing the bullet train. I bet if I had one of these I could get down to visit Sayaka's family before that darn speedy train! Hey, a guy can dream can't he? We like our toys.

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