Sunday, February 10, 2008


Some more wedding photos accompany the recent Blogs. Please enjoy them as an extra bonus peek into our wonderful ceremony! As for the blog content, it's on Japan, but mostly unrelated to the wedding. More wedding Blogs will be on there way as soon as I finish editing some more photos for easy viewing, so stay tuned!

This week my school upped their website blocking, so now with the upgrade I can’t visit 90% of the sites I used to. This means my daily news reading time will be cut down quite substantially. Not that my NET browsing interferes with work, because it doesn’t. And this NEC work computer is old and ready to explode (or implode –whichever happens first) I wouldn’t dare download any programs on it. However, I had been using it to find some photos for Power Point presentations and the occasional desktop picture to keep things exciting.

Yet to my surprise, as I tried to view the pages I’ve visited every morning for the past two years, I was shocked to find I was denied access –not to just one or two of the sites but to all seven. It’s almost as if they decided I was wasting valuable time by staring at my monitor every morning catching up on world events as sip tea and wait for classes to begin. I wouldn’t be complaining except for the full hour of free time I have every morning with nothing to do before classes begin –I figured the news, a little in the know of what’s happening around the world, was the best thing to start my day off with.

Japan is pretty isolated as an island, but also in terms of how globally minded it is. I’ve found world events mean very little to the Japanese. Not because they don’t care but because they’ve chosen a neutral stance in global politics and with such a strong economy they really don’t need much of anything. This creates a very closed-off island mentality that can be down right infuriating. The Japanese are even aware of this closed-mindedness and have a saying “Ino nakano kawazu” which literally means “the frog at the bottom of the well can’t see” –or in other words, tunnel vision is limiting to the understanding of the world around you. Such is the case with certain people in this country –apparently including those who run the news networks.

Thus without the Internet news briefs a person could go out of their mind not knowing what’s happening in the world. Just to think my grandparents never even had this worry. The world was a much smaller place. Ah…simpler times. However, although I do enjoy the carefree atmosphere of Japan, I do care about what’s going on in my home country –especially with the Presidential candidates going full swing into the race for the White House. Even though it gets reported in Japan… they care more about whether the candidates like to eat Japanese food and the news reports are always sort of limited and queer, so it’s a good idea not to depend too much on Japanese news. Thus the Internet plays a big role in keeping me Globally awake to what’s happening in the world. “Savvy?” As captain Jack Sparrow would say.

But it’s in my contract that I show up at 8 AM, and as I was taught it’s better to be early than late, so here I am promptly 10 minutes early each morning waiting for my day to begin before the class bell rings at 8:45. I guess from now on I’ll just have to bring a book. Or two, or three… since I tend to go through that many a month on average anyway. I might actually crack open my copy of “The Fairy Queen” and get some serious reading in.

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