Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Dinner in Japan

Some Christmas cheer and decor.

Gift giving (not a Japanese tradition so everyone is having fun playing 'Secret Santa' gift exchange for the first time.)

Some fancy Christmas decorations to liven up the dining room.
(Bellow) The glorious dining room with Christmas feast laid out, including some lovely Christmas roast beast!

The Inoue sisters lined up eldest to youngest: Kumiko, Naomi, Hiromi, and Aya.

Here I am posing with the gorgeous and captivating Hiromi Inoue.

The adorable little Haruka taking a picture with Sayaka.

Sera ALTs left to right: Ryuta, Arend, and myself.

A Christmas hug from the wife.

The arrival. Here we are arriving for the Christmas party. Here is Sayaka entering the front gate to the Inoue Estate. Yes, it has its very own front gate! Very nice.

Off yoner is the Tea Ceremony house. It's a seperate building in the middle of the Japanese garden in front of the Inoue's lovely estate.

A mansion is actually hiding behind this Japanese garden: believe it or not. A nice shiny reflection of the Japanese garden and evening sky.

Thanksgiving in Japan?

It began with the lovely Inoue Kumiko, Kumiko is her first name, inviting a group of us lonely and desperate for Turkey foreigners to her beautiful home to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. If it sounds like I'm gushing, I am. After three years in Japan this is my first turkey dinner, since turkey is almost non-existent on this Island. So Kumiko comes to the rescue! And she went all out, as you can see!

Pastas and salads and the whole works including bread and stuffing and...
Here's the bad boy himself all roasted up just right! Kumiko is holding the turkey showing it off. It was delicious, and we all laughed at the fact that it was too big for her oven so they had pushed it in and wedged the turkey in, literally stuffing the stuffed turkey into the oven. It was a grand ol' feast.