Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things I did this Month

What did I do this month? Well, just for starters...

Picked some 'Japanese' pears. Yum!

Sayaka came too!

Practiced for the sports festival.

Girls did their special dance.

Guys did pyramids and games. Everyone ran and had fun getting ready for the big day.

Played with some of my other students at an elementary school during lunch break.

The sports festival came... but we got rained on. Canceled early, yet only after having spent four hours in the rain. Getting drenched was a disappointment, but everyone shined and did their best!


Went to Fujimoto-san's 'Hawaiian 'Aloha' Dance' competition. It was the most relaxing sporting event I'd ever been to. (I look like a giant next to these tiny Japanese ladies. Don't mind the giant! Me no eat you!)


Ate some delicious Chinese food.

I also saw a beautiful wedding. Lovely couple too, wouldn't you agree?

Wasted some time down by the dock of the bay.

Sayaka and I made some senbei 煎餅 (which are traditional Japanese rice cracker/cakes).

Took some pictures of some beautiful wispy clouds. It was a blue-sky holiday.

And... that was just the regular stuff.

I also did some 'my personal time' things.

Read: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and the new issue of Shonen Jump!

Watched: Rush Hour 3 (theater), Unfair: The Movie, The Shooter, Sunshine, Casino Royal (again), My Super Ex-Girfriend, The Lucky Number Slevin.

Wrote: An original comic book proposal and pitch for Moonstone Books (am anxiously waiting for my rejection letter).

Practiced: My Saxophone for an upcoming music recital.

Made: Wedding invitations by hand (almost finished!)

Taught: Tuesday Night English Conversation Class, School, and Pro-bono Tutoring

Exercised: At the gym (pumping up!)

((Can you keep up with me?))

And last, but not least... I posted this blog for all of you! No time to catch my breath though, the Japan adventure rolls along and waits for no one. So jump on board and kick it back, enjoy the ride. Have a good weak, and remember, take deep breathes , clear your busy thoughts and as you gain insight via retrospect... have an experience or two. Or three. Learn something new, keep your chin up, and push forward taking it all in stride. Finally, don't forget to enjoy every single moment life has to offer. Peace out.


Riko said...

Hi,long time no see!
do you remember me???
i'm 16 now,and my english was going to be well than before.

i was laughing when i saw that "Shonen Jump!" you read that?
also i read it sometimes笑

i'm happy to see your nice face!
your girlfriend is sooo cute!!

bye, good luck☆

Tristan Vick said...

Hi Riko!

Of course I remember you. I hope your classes are going good.

Are you taking High School entrance exams soon?

Riko said...


i'm happy to hear that^^

oh, nono.
i already entered high school this spring!
i am a fresh man!!!haha
actually i've been changed a lot☆i mean better way.