Saturday, August 11, 2007

Japanese Drivers License, Domestic Squables, and Warding off Typhoons

Sorry for the lack of interest in my Blog this month. I've been busy getting my Japanese drivers license (which is a major pain and hassle), busing back and forth between Hiroshima City and my home town an hour and a half away for work related meetings, seminars, English camps, and tomorrow the Orientation for newly arrived JETs. Between all this and battling typhoons I've just been bogged down by work in general.

Sayaka and I also hit a rough patch in our relationship this month, our first truly volitile situation in four years of a wonderful and loving relationship, and whether the extra stress is due to my hectic work schedule or other things... I've been neglecting my blogs in lieu of the matter to try and smooth over and amend our difficulties. That's about all I can share for now, but I hope you continue to check for updates in the near future.


Noor said...

you are so good and doing GREAT each time i come here i can't leave, you really active person.
try your best in this life,, you have to work hard to make it right and to keep your life going,,,and especially your relation with your beloved ones.
if you are in love , you have to fight to keep this love alive.
Don't give up and never let your lover down.
do your best dear,, wish you all the BEST.
I'm always with you.

Shingen said...

Best of luck, Tristan. I'm sure thing's work out well!