Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fireworks in Japan! 花火祭り 


Just in front of a McDonald's I ran into a bunch of gorgeous young ladies. They were about Junior high school age, maybe freshmen in high school. They were dressed so sweetly in their traditional yukatas 浴衣 (sort of a light cotton summer kimono) that I asked them very politely if I might be able to take a picture. Before I knew it they were all coming together in a pose and laughing.

Obviously it's fun to pose for the foreigner... but I couldn't help but wonder if I was a regular Japanese guy on the street stopping a bunch of girls and asking for their pictures... yeah, they'd probably shoot down and ignore any typical Japanese photographer. I guess this is one of the many perks of being a famed gaikokujin.

Ka-BOOM! Here are some shots from the fireworks show.

Finally we met up with the rest of the gang. Here's everybody enjoying a quick snapshot together.

Since it was Ayed's (far right) last night in Japan we gave him a nice sending off farewell. I hope he makes it back to America just fine.

Above and below shows how densely crowded it was along the river front where we went to get the best view of the show. It was crazy packed with people. And with the hot hot hot weather, the black top was actually acting like a sauna.

A bit blurry, but a nice shot of the dense crowds buying traditional Japanese snacks along the string of vending booths.

Can you guess what the little boy is getting money from his mother for? He's going to buy a nice treat, here's a hint, it cost 600 yen and there is a picture to help... still not sure? Roast squid on a stick! Yummy!

A pretty rain of fire.

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