Monday, June 25, 2007

Temple Pooch and Alley Obsessions

Say hello to my little friend! No, I don't know who he is. He's just a friendly pooch that happens to live at one of the Buddhist temples I like to visit. He's really friendly and loves to be scratched behind his collar. On my days of leisure I like to take long walks to explore the various sites around my town. He's one of my favorite, and so I make it a habit to visit this little guy, for fear that he gets lonely here in the hidden forest holy place.

Another one of my strange quirks is that I can't resist taking photos of alleys in Japan. Something about the dense wall to wall streets create neat hallows of urbanity. These winding concrete alcoves are the living quarters for all kinds of Japanese folk, from old farmers to young families. The neat thing is walking down these snaky paved tightly compact streets and getting the sounds and smells of the burghal life of the city's core. In the distance American jazz plays on a radio, something sizzling on a frying pan, somebody singing in the shower, a baby crying, a dog dreaming under a tree just allowing himself to wake up enough to perk up his ear as I pass by. But this inner-city within the city is where all humanity tick tocks by as the story of life continues on like a steady time keeper. Here is where I roam, up and down the hot black topped paved byways until I come out into the fresh green coolness of a light summer breeze and stand before yet another ancient temple.

Here I feel at peace. Here, this land I once heard of in a lullaby. Here is my Oz, my home away from home.

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