Sunday, May 27, 2007

Manga Page done in Manga Studio EX

Here is a page I did using Manga Studio EX. I took a small thumbnail sketch and imported it into a new page. Then I fitted it to the right size.

After getting the rough pencils pasted into a layer I used Manga Studios unique panel cutter tool and divided up the panels. The program then automatically makes each panel a separate layer folder. Then I click on the panel it zooms in and I can work with just a singe panel. This is nice because it zooms in and the rest of the page fade away so your entire focus is just on the area inside the panel.

Then I create more layers withing the 'panel folder' for inking and toning. Then I close the panel layer and open the next panel. This way I can have complete control within each panel, and if I mess up horrible the whole page doesn't get altered... just the stuff in the panel.

After I'm done I delete the thumbnail layer and merge all the rest. And presto! A completely inked and tone comic book page.

Granted this is the first full page I've done by myself. Sedat drew the thumb and I inked and tone the drawing. Anyway, it took about seven hours total to do. And since I don't know what I'm doing I feel it took a really long time. I'm sure after some practice I'll be able to cut the time way down. But as it is I still barely can use the program. It's that advanced!



Anonymous said...

Nice, good work with Manga Studio.


Fantasia said...

I suck big time with art!!!

So, this is a WOW to me, which I will never be able to do it!!! Lucky you :)