Saturday, May 19, 2007

Computone Invasion

So it's called "Comics Studio" in Japan. In America it's called "Manga Studio." It doesn't make a whole lotta sense... but nobody said it had to. The darn program is amazing.

Of course... I suck. The picture you see... is NOT my drawing. It's a guy I know who's pretty darn good at this program. He goes by the alias "Inkthinker." Look him up on Deviant Art's website sometime.

That said... the shading and tone work in this image are all done by me. I took his final black and white drawing and added a whole world of 'gray' to it.

My contribution may have been only a 'toning exercise' but I had to learn somehow. I'll be using more of this program in the future and I'll be sure to post new exciting manga pics.

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