Friday, April 13, 2007

Yuki Sakura

Every Spring the Sakura, i.e. Japanese Cherry Blossoms bloom. Their soft pink and white flowers give off a beautiful aroma of sweet spring on a warm breeze. The event is celebrated all through Japan as a national holiday to go drinking and have a picnic under the soon to fade blossoms. They only last about a week or two and then they fall off. I can't express how much importance this event of nature holds for the Japanese, as it symbolizes the ancient samurai spirit, the Sakura blossoms are Japan's premier symbol of innate Japanese 'feeling' and spirit.

In a rare turn of events, and I mean rare to the extreme, my mountain town experienced a spring snow fall just about the same time the first blossoms had bloomed. This is one of the most coveted pictures of 'pristine' beauty you could wish for. Cherry blossoms in the snow, and I snapped myself a quick photo. Luckily I captured this mezurashi shot before the short snow flurry ended. It only lasted about 15 minutes or so, giving me just enough time to hop in my car and drive to the nearest Sakura tree.


m_jones said...

Tristan, your blog is pretty awesome...and very informative. It gives me a great picture of what it is like over there for you. The Cherry Blossom is very beautiful, you know in bath and body works they have a sent like it, but I bet that it doesn't even compare, can you capture the scent in a bottle and send it to me...haha Oh ya and yes I know the muffin man, we go way back....almost 10 years here soon. Well once again your blog is very interesting...take care and god bless!!!:) MJ

Tristan Vick said...

Thanks for dropping by MJ! I'm always glad to share Japan with everyone... it's a wonderful country. Please feel free to comment any time!

David said...

I like your "Sakura in the snow" picture. Good shot!

You're lucky that you've only experienced one Spring snow... Here (Minutes from Canada's capital) Spring has been oddly colder than normal, and we've had winter-like snow too often.