Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some Panache

Some panache can go a long way in looking professional, at anything. Teaching in style, yes I am. This month (March) my 3rd grade Junior High School students graduated. However, before the ceremony I had to track down and snare myself a brand new suit. I eventually found a popular suit store in Japan and spent a couple hours being fitted and finding just the right suit for me. I bought brand name, not because I am fancy or into names or anything, but for other reasons. Namely, most Japanese suits are too small of a cut for my wide shoulders. The sleeves tend to be too short at the cuff too. I can barely button up most Japanese shirts, because I'm not anorexic thin like most people. Nor am I husky, I just work out and my muscles have enough mass to make Japanese close uncomfortably tight. Even though I'm small for a man's frame in America here in Japan I wear and XXL dress shirt.

As such, finding a comfortable suit which looks good is difficult. At least with brand name suits I can have them fitted and made to look halfway decent on me. The only problem with this, however, is the two suits I bought set me back $1,000 (American dollars). I hope I don't have to spend like that every month *yikes. But in the meantime I can enjoy looking good. My students all said "Wow, Vick!!" So I surprised them with a little pizazz. The faculty and teachers all got into a discussion which brand names they'd like to buy. The suit I'm wearing in the image is a Yamamoto Kansai, my other suit (not shown) is a Geribaldi.

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