Thursday, March 08, 2007

Say Hello to Kitty!

Just the other day as I drove along to Omi-Shogakko (Omi-Elementary School) I looked out of the window of my car. From the side of the road I caught a glimpse of these two critters.

In Japan it is popular for people to 'dress up' inanimate objects as if they were 'dolls'. Statues and scarecrows all across Japan can be seen wearing cute little outfits. In the case of this farmer's garden, just off to the side of the main road, they dressed their scarecrows up as school children. Also, these particular 'scare'crows have to be the least scary I've ever seen, as they are made to look like the world's cutest import/export icon -Hello Kitty!

The Japanese can be strange sometimes, and this is just one prime example of a peaceful culture doing 'cutesy' things because they enjoy the lightheartedness of life. In my opinion it's all a bunch of fun!

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