Friday, February 02, 2007

Miyajima Island and Itsukushi Shrine

Miyajima Island and the famous Torii Gates in Japan. Itsukushi Jinja (Shrine) is one of the most beautiful and well maintained Shinto holy sites in all of Japan.

The red gates sit out at sea, in the ocean, and luckily survived the Hiroshima bombings of WWII (Miyajima is just a mere 17 kilometers away from central Hiroshima City). The gates themselves are a image of spiritual cleansing and also a welcoming beacon calling out to travelers to come and pray.

Every year in Japan Miyajima Island is a central focus on tourism and cultural festivities. Fireworks festivals to grand New Years celebrations are held on the island along with any numerious religous traditions and events and is one of the key historical sites in all of the country. If anyone desires coming to visit Japan then Miyajima is definately a must see. After checking out all the island offers you can head back into Hiroshima for a night on the town, catch a bite to eat a any one of a myriad of famous restaraunts, or do some quality shopping. Japan is fun!

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