Friday, February 16, 2007

Back on Track!

My Internet was sporatic for two weeks, working off and on, and only at dial up speeds although I'm technically using the fastest ADSL. Finally the climatic event of catastrophic Internet failure finalized itself when my router stopped working... not an uncommon experience, but since I use wireless it clinched the deal with a dead stop to IP access.

So I dug out my old lan-cable and I plugged straight into my modem from where I am now back up and running by a hardline... until I can order another router. Luckily I was able to hook back up at full ADSL high speed, and am ever greatful after three weeks of email withdrawl syndrome.

Here are some more pictures from Japan! Enjoy.

1 comment:

Noor said...

welcome back and really GREAT pics u have here!
SORRY!! i was busy myself and hope to see u around.
Take care and stay happy!