Saturday, January 06, 2007

I present to you my present Digi-Fun!

Above: My first attempt at 'digital' drawing on the computer.

For Christmas my Dad got me a WACOM Intuos 3 professional drawing pad. For those who don't know what a WACOM is: it's a drawing pad which uses a digital censor to let you draw and paint like a real artist, but instead of using real paints, pencils, and expensive art products it lets you do everything digitally on the computer!

I started practicing to get the 'feel' of the digital drawing pen --which is presure and tilt sensative. My first attempt is a little wobbly and my lines are not straight, but with some more practice I think I could draw real good. My next step is to try and color. Learning new programs are difficult but fun. They take lots of patients and time, but step by step, day by day. Baby steps!


SedatOezgen said...

Hey Tristan,
good luck with your new wacom! I bought me a wacom too, but its much smaller than yours.
Hope everythings fine with you and your fiance and that all your projects go the way you wish them to go.
all the best,

Noor said...

Tristan dear. u r REALLY Talented. welldone! i love mustang. u did GREAT job even with ur first attempt.
hmm, u look funny in that pic, u r so crazy about this WACOM,, aren't u?!
wish u the best.

Tristan Vick said...


Thanks for stopping by and shouting out to your brotha'! Stay cool.


Thank you for your lovely compliments... as always!