Friday, January 26, 2007

Japan Update!

This month has been a bit hectic, slightly more busy than usual, so I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks.

Starting anew, I will be posting regularly again.

This month is finishing up, and I just came back from Hiroshima city after regional meetings for JETs. I will blog about the content and what exactly it is about shortly, but I have some errands and shopping to go do... so I thought I wwould just update you all and let you know I'm still alive and well.

The above picture is a little "woodland" creature I took. Aparently one of the local artists carves little animal type 'things' out of wood. I thought it was cute so I snapped a quick photo and now here he is, for all of you to enjoy!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I present to you my present Digi-Fun!

Above: My first attempt at 'digital' drawing on the computer.

For Christmas my Dad got me a WACOM Intuos 3 professional drawing pad. For those who don't know what a WACOM is: it's a drawing pad which uses a digital censor to let you draw and paint like a real artist, but instead of using real paints, pencils, and expensive art products it lets you do everything digitally on the computer!

I started practicing to get the 'feel' of the digital drawing pen --which is presure and tilt sensative. My first attempt is a little wobbly and my lines are not straight, but with some more practice I think I could draw real good. My next step is to try and color. Learning new programs are difficult but fun. They take lots of patients and time, but step by step, day by day. Baby steps!