Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sushi to Go!

Sushi is a common food in Japan. Whereas in America I'd be eating sushi fresh out of the freezer and off a block of dry ice, the sushi in Japan comes one day fresh from the ocean. This makes even cheap sushi like this extremely delicious. Plate prices are set by the 'color' of the plate. Pink being an expensive $5 piece, red being a $3 piece, yellow being a $2 piece, black being $1. White plates are for special non-sushi things such as desert -cake, icecream, etc. The sushi goes past on a convetor belt and you just grab the plate you want.

Granted not all sushi is apetizing. Some sushi still has all its tentacles, feelers, prongs, anteni, and eyes entact. I still can't eat raw shrimp... but when it's cooked it delishes. Eel sushi is my favorite, followed by salmon, maguro (tuna), kai, and squid. Crawdads, which look like mini-lobsters go by whole, and you peel back their shells and suck out the insides. Yeah, gross. Count me out.

Sushi is often confused with 'sashimi'. Sushi cut length wise and served on top of rise, while sashimi is thinly sliced square pieces of fish (without rice) which is serve with soy-sauce and wasabi to dip in. If you are ever in Japan, I highly recomend the sushi -even if your not a fish person. Sushi here never makes me sick, unlike in America, and so I've developed a love for fresh sushi here in Japan. Most sushi stores, such as my town's local one, do take out too!


Noor said...

hi dear. it's look nice, but eating raw fishes isn't easy. i never did that! but,maybe i will do it one day. nice pics u have here, really,,u give me a chance to look deeply into Japan beauty! thanks.take care.

Tristan Vick said...

I'm glad I can fill your day with interesting tid bits about Japan! If you ever get a chance to travel to a nother country, I recommend Japan. It's very peaceful and the food is delicious. Don't worry, you don't have to eat raw fish if you don't want to. There are lots of other kinds of foods too!

Glad you said hello, please come again!

Sarie said...

Sorry to intrude, but I just stumbled upon your blog and had to comment. I too am a 26-year-old English Literature grad living in Japan. I've only been in Kobe for four weeks, but so far, I love it! I'm looking forward to reading about more of your adventures ^^

I've started a journal about my own, if you're interested:

Thanks for letting me drop by! Take care!