Friday, December 22, 2006

Season's Greetings from Japan! And how I molested Santa

'The Festival of Lights' doesn't have to be only a Jewish Holiday. It can be a Christmas thing too, although technically we stole the idea from the Jews and then combined it with the miraculous 'birth' of Jesus, although Jesus was probably born around March 23rd and not December 25th --some new trivia for all of you. Low and behold the combining of two cultures to make one magnificient minora of lights!

Japan has it bad. I guess Asians are attracted to pretty colors more so than other people's. This may be one explanation for their love of anything bright, glittery, sparkly, shiny, and illuminient. Or it might be that while white people were hitting each other over the heads with clubs and marveling at the concept of fire, the Orient and East Asian empires were busy inventing fireworks. Either way you look at it, Japan has carried on the tradition of 'illumination' in the grandest of ways.

Every year across Japan special arreas have a 'illumi' (as the Japanese say; short for 'illumination') event in keeping with Japanese tradition of festivity. Lucky for Sayaka and I the nearby town of Shobara puts on just such an event of illumination. We caught some amazing light displays and I had some fun with my camera.

Here's a tunnel of light!

Lot's to see! Santa is a heavy smoker! And a drunk!

The giant Santa was causing a ruckus, but I stopped him by attacking his crotch! After that Santa filed a lawsuit against me for sekuharra, or sexual herassment in English. Even though he won this round, I still called him a fatty and words hurt! That sting will stay with him for the rest of his life! Hahaha! Bah-humbug!

All kidding aside...

I even found the planet Krypton. However, it was smaller than I expected.

Here's a friendly goodbye from one of my elementary school classes as they sent me off with a merry Christmas and their precious little smiles!

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Merry Christmas, Tristan! ^^