Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Tidings from Japan!

Sayaka and I have been traveling all around Japan this Christmas. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog... I didn't even get to finish my last blog, as some of you may have noticed.

As it is I have been emailing my friends from my mobile to try and get all my 'Merry Christmas' greetings out on time. Thank God for Kei-tai (cell phones)! I always think how odd it would be to have Jesus in a era where there is global communication and massive digital data transfer/memory storage, the Internet. I wonder what would that be like? This is truly the digital era.

So as I mentioned, Sayaka and I bounced down to Kumamoto and then darted up to Fukuoko on the 24th for a Christmas Eve wedding for one of Sayaka's friends. Then we took the train back down to Kumamoto and had Christmas dinner with Sayaka's family. They were so cute, because they wanted to have an 'American' style Christmas. They also wanted it to be "Christian" so we had a Secret Santa present exchange. Yeah, I know, the Japanese really don't know how the two traditions come together, it's just a weird Holiday where people dress up as a fat guy in red pajamas and give presents in the name of God. That's about right, however. Santa is based off of the Christian Catholic Bishop, good old Saint Nicholas, who gave to poor children every year. Thus the Christmas song, 'Jolly Old Saint Nicholas'.

A new fad in Japan is illumination and light displays, which were non-existant a year ago. The new popularity stems from the introduction of L.E.D lights into Japan. Coupled with Japan's obsession of cute and pretty things... the light displays have been the major hit of the year. Due to the uber tight and dense living capacity, there was a huge fire hazard when using traditioinal lights. Imagine the city of Tokyo burning down because somebody's Christmas tree got dry and caught on fire from the lights? Yeah, not a pretty picture. However, thanks to the energy efficient L.E.Ds, Japanese aren't afraid to spend a little extra energy looking brilliant this year! Even my small town has gotten into the 'Christmas spirit' of decor.

Imagine my suprise when I saw Kumamoto's main streets and mall area all lit with blinking multi-colored diodes of illumination! Wow, big shock for me, who had a Christmas there 3 years ago with not an inkling of Christmas cheer. The new fad really makes Japan feel more 'cheery', but maybe its just another way to sell stuff. Japan's economy isn't hurting at all, and they don't have the strain and depression of a war effor, nor are they currently at war with anyone, making it necessary to have a hobby. People without hobbies tend to bother other people instead of doing something productive, like having a hobby. Think about how peaceful the middle east would be if people would stop killing each other for no God given reason, and get hobbies, like kite flying. If everyone in Iraq was busy building and flying kites in their spare time, they wouldn't have time to play with their guns. Everyone booed when Bush went in looking for 'weapons of mass disctruction' and didn't find any, but I say, why all the snubs? The people are 'weapons of mass distruction' themselves, and we found a bunch of them. I mean, here's a message to everyone in the ME... stop killing each other, and if you don't like me or my advice I've only got one thing to say to you... GO FLY A KITE.

All in all, Christmas was good. I got a new SONY PSP! It's blue! Eat your heart out video game nerds everywhere! I'm sportin 'electric blue'! Can't get that in America. (Special notice: Video games are also a viable hobby... that's for all you Jews out there). You think there'd be more 'Biblical' video games. No? I would buy a 'Jesus Battles Satan' game. That just sounds cool. Who wouldn't get in on that coin-op? Plugging quarters away like they were pennies just to gain followers, fight evil demons, and save all of humanity! That's like, the best videogame idea ever. It would be an RPG the likes of which mere mortals have never seen! And if you collect the extra 'hidden' Bibles throughout the game you can unlock hidden Characters and Bible verses would actually act as cheat codes! Sweet red beans and carmel corn, it's a brain storm!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Noor said...

Happy Christmas and Happy new year. i sent u a card, but i'm not sure u got it. anyway, wishing u a happy life and great year.
yes, tomorrow will be our Eid :)

Tristan Vick said...

Thank you Noor! You're such a sweet girl. I wish you a happy Holiday season too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been busy having fun! Cheers for a great new year!