Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why there are no Janitors in Japan, and how do the schools stay so clean?

More pics of my students. If you notice this girl inf front... she's a special kind of kid. I don't like playing favorites, but if I had to choose... "Smiley" is what I call her. She laughs histerically at everything, and nothing, for no reason. She also has a habbit of appearing out of knowhere just in time to get in on the 'picture taking' action. In class she likes to make funny faces at me to try and distract my teaching. Sometimes I stop just to make a face back at her, and her reactions are priceless. She literally falls out of her desk laughing so hard. I've never seen such a happy girl before... thus the nickname.

Hey! It's picture time! Can you sense the excitement?!

Clean the school time! Ever wonder why Japanese schools don't have janitors? This is why.

Cleaning can be fun, especially when that crazy guy runs around with his camera taking pictures of mundane everyday stuff.

Smile! The girls really get embarassed when you take a picture of them holding garbage. It ruins their 'cute image'. Hahaha, click!

Teachers clean too!

Team work! It's the Japanese way, everyday.

We even have one of those floor bubble making machines. A floor polisher waxer bubble thingy-majig... or something. Slip and slide time! Wooo-hoo!

Say 'Cheese'!

Koji pops in to say 'Yo'.

Cleaning is fun! Now lets study English! I'll be the really happy looking white guy. Why? Because learning English is that fun! Really.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan,I stumbled across your blog just now and I really enjoyed it.I was lucky enough to visit Japan in 2001 and it was the best holiday I ever had.I plan to return one day and until then I can live vicariously through your blog.Keep up the good work and say "Howdy" to your kids from me.

Khaled said...

It seems you're having a great time there! I really wish I can be there for once.
Enjoy your time :)

Tristan Vick said...

Devin- thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my Japan adventure and please feel free to continue along with all the weekly updates!

Khaled- I'm glad you could stop by and get a glimpse of Japan through my eyes!

Thanks, and please come again.

Noor said...

I see,, cleaning is great and especially with teams. well, i think u came to me through this, i started to dream Japan. yes, u came from this point. Have Fun. and have a sweet Dreams and :)

riko said...

Cleaning is really comfortable!!
We cleaned my classroom and somewhere everyday after school.
Your student's smile is very pretty!