Saturday, October 21, 2006


UltraMan has arrived!!!

In America we have Superman, and about a billion other superheroes. In Japan, they have one with the fame and pop-culture savy as his American counterpart. One is all they need. It's Ultraman! A superhero from another world who defends Earth from all kinds of evil space aliens and monsters.

This poster is for the new museum display in Hiroshima city that is showcasing the past 20 years of Ultraman's television series. The display includes the real props and statues of all the incarnations of Ultraman. Hiroshima always gets interesting things like this, as it is Japans new 'art' hub. Coupled with the push for multiculral events, Hiroshima attracts many tourists every year. Recently the World Basketball Championships were held in Hiroshima City. Spain won, for those who aren't keeping their eye on the ball. But who cares about sports when you've got Ultraman!?

Ultraman has three forms, a super strong, a super fast, and a half-and-half mode. There are also more encarnations of the character throughout the years. This is Ultraman-Nexus. There is something like 100 variations of the character.

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