Saturday, October 21, 2006

Random Japan Pics, and Mothra?

In with the new, out with the old.

It was high time I bought myself a new camera. Actually, it's the first and only camera I've ever bought. All my old camera's were outdated hand-me-downs. They all worked fine, but there's a real sense of ownership and pride when you work hard and then treat yourself to something fun. I am the anti-Buddha apparently, but heck, there's things we ought to do, and there's things we can do for others, and last but not least there's things we can do for ourselves. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Because I like blogging so much, I thought you would all enjoy a little higher resolution and much better quality photo spread, and so, I bought a new digital camera. It's a Canon IXY 1000. The 1000 stands for 10.0 megapixels, and it has the most high definition brilliant LCD screen I've ever seen. You know when you can make a Japanese person gasp over a new technology then your ahead of the curve. And I've had fun taking many pictures to share with you all. I hope you all continue to join my Japan adventure as I continue to play with my new toy and share with you Japan in high resolution!

It's ALIVE!!!

I thought it was a bird, or a plane, but no! It was a giant yellow moth. It's Mothra! I had better be on the lookout for Godzilla. Anyway, I thought this was one of the most interesting moths I have ever seen. Its wings are folded up, but when it flies it litterally looks the size of a bird. This thing would be my brothers worst nightmare, as he has a slight phobia of moths.

Need a break? Have a Crunky bar!

Speaking of the odd and bizarre... check out the name of this delicious candy bar. It's called "Crunky." I laugh everytime, because it just sounds funny. Basically it's the same as a Mr. Goodbar or Nestle Crunch back in the states.

A nice old town called Joge. The tea shop I tried was over 300 years old!!!

Joge is really an old and traditional looking Japanese town. I would have had more pictures but it turned dark so fast and I wasn't prepared for how interesting of a town it was going to be. Joge is about 30 minutes by car from where I live. I'll return shortly and take some high quality pics, so stay tuned!

Next to a Shinto temple I found Lord Vishnu? Wait a second, what? Hinduism is also in Japan? Interesting.

As I was hiking through the forest of my favorite Shinto shrine, I stumbled across a statue of the Hindu God Vishnu. Which was interesting to say the least. It would be the equivilant to a Muslim mosk having a ten foot tall statue of the Holy Mother Mary from Christianity. It doesn't make much sense, but nobody seems to care much either way. I love Hinduism for the stories. Of all the worlds religions they have many very fantastic and original stories. I giggled after I met Vishnu in the forest. Something about how peaceful everything is here in Japan added with the harmony and respect for other cultures and beliefs. The rest of the world could take a lesson of etiquette in social grace and cultural tollerance from the Japanese.

Yet at the same time, I'm perfectly happy respecting Japan's cultures and customs too, after all it is there country. And as such, when in Rome...

If I have a strong bias against a particular event or custom, then I typically will avoid those situations, such as the affinity for social drinking. Since I don't drink, I will normally and politely back out. Yet if its a mandatory drinking party, for business functions and such, then I just eat some food and drink cola or orange juice. I know it sounds like I'm a little anti-social, but that's hardly the case. Social gatherings and drinking parties are in abundance over here. There's one every weekend, so skipping three or four at a time is perfectly socialbe, since you still will experience many other events.

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