Saturday, October 21, 2006


Midori Sensei

Many of the Japanese teachers in this valley are part-time. Especially the "English" teachers. It seems that people who actually can speak 'English' with any fluency are in high demand, since most the homeroom English teachers have a minimum or basic English comprehension. That's where my job becomes important.

However, for the schools that don't have me every day they hire subsidiary, or part time help. Midori, the woman above, is one of these part time helpers. However, she doesn't make enough money teaching part time English in the government school system, so four days out of the week she holds and "English Conversation" class at a small language school. So far I've met five Japanese women who are fluent in English and need to do this type of work on the side just to make normal wages. Midori is an interesting woman, and I enjoy meeting the new people.

Tuesday night English!

My other job. Other than teaching at eleven schools, and doing saturday language conversation classes as a way to meet new people, I also teach a tuesday night language class. As you can see, it is dominated by ladies in their late forties and fifties. They are all kindly housewives, most of them with children near my age. They keep themselves busy, and a few of them have become like serogate mothers too me, even going as far to make house calls when I'm sick.

Some high school girls who get in 'extra' English study after regular school.

The man on the far left (in the blue shirt) is 73 years old. He loves to study English! And he is the most energetic and genki person I've ever met.

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