Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Students and Invasion of the Sweet Potato!

Big Potato!

Heck, the Japanese do smile!

One of my biggest culture adjustments was the serious 'appearance' of the Japanese people. Unlike America I didn't get the nonchallant nods or the smiles in Japan that I am accustomed to. HOWEVER, that was just a perception I had from living in the city. Out here in the INAKA 田舎 (which means country-side)people seem much more friendly and easy going. In fact the country folk are so friendly they bring me vegetables, offer to take me on family trips, and stop me in the store to talk about everything they can think of.

Sweet Potato Pie!

I think you'll notice that Japanese people do smile! Especially in these pictures where all my GENKI 元気 (happy/energetic) students are having fun picking sweet potatoes out of the ground. It was a fun school outing after a week of stressful tests. My 1st and 2nd graders had fun, got dirty, and now we have to figure out what to do with two wheelbarrows full of sweet potatoes!

Is it a flute?

Me being my goofball self. I call it my Sweet Potato Charisma! What? It works like a charm!

Strike a pose!

After the potato hunting we came back to school and met with the rest of the classes for a choir practices. Here are some of my third grade students being too cool for school.

Junior High school is fun!

Just hanging out with some of the men.

Some of my students

Japanese love to pose for pictures. They will automatically flash a "peace" sign up for you if they see you coming with a camera. The girls are funny, because half the time they run up to you wanting to pose for a picture and the other half run away in shy retreat. The guys always want to pose with me, but typically ignore the camera otherwise. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics of my kids. Now that I have bought a new digital camera you will be getting many more high resolution pics! Enjoy!


riko said...

What a big Potato!It is tempts me...
I like Sweet Potato ゜ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゜.:。

Tristan Vick said...

Thanks Riko. I hope your school is as fun as Sera-chu!

We always have fun!

Noor said...

Hmm. i can see that too,, peace sign is a stamp for japanese people. they are so adorable when they make this. really lovely and cute.