Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fashion in Japan and the Wisdom of my T-shirt!

"You cannot be creative without first imitating." How wise indeed. Don't you just love the inside the colar writing? Useless, but looks cool on display.

It's the anime chick, and you know me and anime chicks... I can't resist a good shirt with a cartoon babe on it. The shirt I wanted didn't come in my size. There is a whole series with this girl on them drawn in various sexy and alluring poses, however most the time the shirts aren't in my size, but this was also a nice shirt so I picked it up.

So weird gothic/static/punck rock angel wings which roughly form a heart shape. Interestingly aesthetic, and so I picked it up too. Of the bunch this is my favorite article of clothing I got. Goes great under a stylish jacket.

Sayaka like the flowery pattern shirts, and I always try to find a LL (2XL) because the regular Large cut doesn't even fit my broad shoulders. Last time I tried on a LARGE in Japan I almost busted every seem. Needless to say I'm a big American with a big frame. Which means I'm not a scrawny as wire frame doll like most Japanese guys.

I constantly feel like the Incredible Hulk. Every shirt I try on which says it is my size, and normally the sleeve length and colar are correct, but they didn't account for muscle mass and my chest sticks out just far enough that I can't get the buttons to button up. But then I guess that's the price I pay for being so darn sexy.

I love shirts too much and always neglect to buy pants, so I made it a new rule that for every 3 shirts I buy I have to get pants regardless of if I need them or not. At least I'll never go pantless again!

So after buying seven shirts, three pants, a jogging suit, a neck tie, a new belt, and 4 pairs of under shirts I felt like a satisfied shopper, expecially since I was shopping at Shimamura, which is equivilant to a ROSS wholesale store in America. Brand name stuff for cheap because of minor flaws or sizes nobody can wear... except for big American's like me... and I'm small for an American, just big in Japan I guess.

All this and more for under a $120 dollars? You bet! And I'll do it again too. Quality affordable style is rare to come by, and I'm glad my small town actually has a place that sells my size.

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