Saturday, September 30, 2006

World's Longest Unsuported Bridge and month end recaps of Japan

World's longest unsupported bridge. And it's not a suspension bridge. Did I dare cross it? Come on! Did the Chicken have to be asked to cross that road? No! Only... we wonder why in retrospect.

Looking out over the bridge.

Guardian of the bridge. Beware! She may do something weird and slightly unpredictable!

Dr. Pepper Tokyo Style! Hey, who knew Dr. Pepper in Japan had half naked cartoon chicks on it? Heck, I'll buy more just because I have a weakness for half naked cartoon chicks. Oh, and I'm addicted to Cola.

Once upon a time there was a Zag Zag. Hey, Zag Zag looks happy!

Good old Zag Zag supplying us with our beverage, cosmetic, and medicine needs! Not to mention it's open late, has cute girls who work there, and is within walking distance of my apartment. When I need contact solution, I head here!

An alleyway. Japan alleyways have always fascinated me. You can hear your neighbors television, you can smell the cooking, a neighbor's dog barking, kids screaming that they don't want their bath, and all the other sounds which adds to a distinct urban hum and noise which shows just how comfortable this society is with living closely with one another. This type of atmosphere I've found only in Japan. The soothing comforts of electric buzz and the static of life.

Houses and rice fields for those who like the quiet country lifestyle. Nothing but waving grains of rice, and hazy mountians with ancient secluded temples. It's calm, peaceful, and has an atmosphere of total serenity. A school girl riding her bike after school, a train in the distance, layers of rice paddies, mountain backdrops, and warm evenings, semi (cicada) chirping... this is the splendor of Japan.

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