Sunday, September 03, 2006


Sayaka's new car! She was so excited to get it that she drove 7 hours to come see me. Now that's real love! And love is pink... like her new car!

When she first told me it was a pink car I thought 'gross'! But after seeing it I actually think it looks kind of nice. It's very shiny too! She sure looks pretty in pink!

From the back. See that yellow and green sticker? I've always wondered why some cars have that and others don't. The sticker means "NEW DRIVER" and all new drivers are required by Japanese law to have that on. It also means that these first time drivers with this car sticker are most likely 'young and cute' so be on the look out friends! But always buckle up for safety before oogling beautiful Japanese girls... because safety comes first!


Noor said...

Hi. Nice car. not very bright pink, but still lovely color. her car is childish somehow, but still fit her and looks cute.
yes, you have great pics here. i'm really surprise with all these wonderful pictures. did you answer me about ur cell phone. i realy want to buy a new one with good quality camera. my brother likes Nokia, but i think there are many other good mobiles. motorola is good i guess.
anyway, nice to see you happy there. take care and have a nice day!

Tristan Vick said...

Sayaka's car is not a full size car. It's a "yellow plate" which means it has only a 3 cylinder engine. These cars get about 25 kilometers per liter.

The car I am getting in Japan is a "white plate" and has a regular car engine. It only gets 15 kilometers per liter. However, because it's got a bigger engine it can drive faster, has more power, and is a bigger car.

There are lots of cute little cars in Japan. They have every 'cute' car you could imagine. With the strict emission laws, taxes, and shakken (mandatory car check) it is cheaper to buy a new car every 3 years in Japan than it is too keep an old car.

Cell phone technology is entirely different in Japan. I really can't recommend anything other than look at the phones you like, and find one that has the features that work best for you. Just pick what's best for you! Good luck.

Noor said...

Thank U Tristan. I will ask my brother to help me. he is a expert in CARS and CELL PHONES. so, he will be able to find my ONE.