Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Quick Glimpse At My Place

My ugly apartment complex.

Home sweet home. It's a concrete bunker! I'll be safe from typhoons and bombs, aparently.

My living room.

Most of my house has tatami mats for floors. In Japan they use the metric system to measure everything except for the square footage of living space in houses, which still uses the old way of counting tatami mats' instead. By telling a Japanese person how many mats your house is they know the exact size. Even houses without mats are still measured in terms of 'how many mats' you could 'plausibly' fit down into the available space. I guess since the system is 4,000 years old and it's not broke, then there's no need to fix it. Japanese love their customs, even if they seem a little strange (from time to time).

Caught on candid camera! Who's that handsome guy? Yes folks, that is a half naked anime chick on my shirt... very stylish!

I think Stitch is spying on me. Anyway, I will update with more pictures of my place later, so keep dropping by for all the fun updates!

Super Sunset!

From my apartment I get a good view of the surrounding houses and rice fields. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to glimpse a vivid sunset.

In America we have 'white picket fences' but in Japan there are many beautiful 'bamboo fences' for those lucky enough to have a yard.

More of my river based town.


Moey said...

very nice blog you got there man, i like it!

Tristan Vick said...

And I'm glad you like it! Thanks for dropping bye.