Sunday, September 03, 2006

Once Upon a Time In an Ancient Land

1,500 years old grave. Islam wasn't even established as a "religion" back then. But in an world of ancient wonder and mystique, in a world like Japan there was a sacred ritual already in place! Seeing things like this really puts the world in perspective.

Bamboo is a type of grass. It's very 'fern-like' in its leafy sprawl.

Bamboo forest

Temple on the mountain. I finally hiked part way up the mountain. This isn't the temple on the very top, this is only the Shinto shrine half way up. But this one is really old. Maybe two hundred or three hundred years old. It seems to have been rebuilt several times. It seems that around every corner there is a Shinto shrine to pray at or a Buddhist temple to enjoy. I've already found five within my small town.

Spitting Dragon! After all you have to wash your hands and cleanse before praying.

Bridge over the pond of Koi. Koi are the big carp Gold Fish which every pond in Japan has an abundance of. Koi also means 'love' in Japanese.


Alex-san said...

Great photo's. It's nice to see the old Japan intead of the modern concrete sprawl.

Tristan Vick said...

Thanks for the comment. I like both old and new Japan. Or rather, I like how the two have meshed seemlessly into one aesthetic that makes up the entire atmosphere of what Japan is... something organic, living, ever changing, but at the same time something extremely ancient and civilized and the remains (relics & ruins) only affirm the cultural wealth which still is Japan. It's an ancient way of life with the same modern conveniences as everyone else, if not more, and there's nothing odd about how the Japanese make it work. It just works.

Kissing the Koi, Koi no koi? hahaha. Anyway,

I would have taken pics of the fish but the water was too mucky. I have nice Koi photos of them from Japanese gardens I've been too.

Those Koi get so big I just want to strap them to my feet like skiis and see if I can walk across the water!

Thanks for stopping bye and checking out my blog, come again!