Monday, September 18, 2006

G'z One by Casio

My cell phone

Basic Features

*Calling ID
*Call Waiting
*Voice messaging service (bilingual)

*International call(s) feature activated
*Text messaging aka C-mail.
*Real HTML email with AU fonts and graphix.
*Email attachments 3X.

Infrared wireless messaging and data transfer.

MP3 Player.

SD Card 256 MB.

2.1 Megapixel digital camera.

Bar-code reader & vending machine activator (yes I can use my cell phone to get a Coca-cola out of any vending machine in Japan).

Personal information bar code reader i.e. buisiness cards, building history, etc.

Voice recognition/dialing feature.

3/D video graphics support.

Clock, calculator, calendar, alarm, vibration, LED color ringer with various (customizable) ring tones.

My cell phone #2

Special Features to the G'Z One Phone

Shock resistant.

Water proof.

Trilungual Language setting: Japanese/English/Chinese

FM tuner/digital compass

EZ NAVI GPS navigation tracking.

PC viewer to upload realtime webpages including GOOGLE and YAHOO!

Mobile Dictionary, including: Japanese to Japanese, Japanese to English, English to Japanese, Japanese slang, and a Katakana look up. Easy jump to feature from email to dictionary.

Movie factory/ Wallpaper editor

IC recorder for digital confrence recording or personal notes with up to 1 hour in stereo (3 hours regular).

My cell phone #3

The list goes on, but I'll save you the trouble and just say that this phone is darn cool!


Mark Gaved said...

too cool! how much do these phones cost? I'd really love one!

charlie said...

as a north american, all i can ever do is use a w42ca for its all-but-a-phone functions, but if you ever have a desire to sell it, please do let me know: