Friday, August 25, 2006

Japan is Many Things

Land of the 'We Eat Raw Fish'.

Yes, Japan is many things. It is a mystical and magical land full of ancient history and cutting edge technology. It has its quirky side, but all of it is never the less beautiful beyond compare. I have spoken enough, so kick back and enjoy as I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Land of the really bright unbrellas?

Land of the Really BIG TVs.

Land of the REALLY fast trains. In fact the "Bullet Train" is so fast I could barely capture it on camera.

Woosh! Five seconds later the train is showing us its back end! I clicked the button, turned, and clicked the button again and these two shots show how fast you have to be if you want to keep up with this 200 Mph train! Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Land of the tiny cute girls. Oh yes they are!

My Eyes, My Blog...
Welcome to Japan!


reno said...

Just to say HELLO !

Happy to visit your blog.

Greetings from Belgium.


Tristan Vick said...


Please come again.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many cool and technological things in's great to see so many quirks and pecularities from different countries and cultures.