Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hiroshima Orientation

When you see this sort of sky line...

This week I spent having meetings in Hiroshima. All the prefectural JETs, mainly all of us living in Hiroshima Prefecture, were required to attend these mandatory business meetings. After all, we are getting paid for it. Luckily there was just a little bit of free time and so I was able to take these photos with my cell phone. Yes, you heard me right. All of these photos were taken using my cell phone!


I think the entire world knows that Hiroshima is one of the places which the American U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on. Of the entire city there was only one building left standing. Everything, and I mean EVERTYTHING, else was demolished and instantly vaporized or turned into ash. This last building is the site of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. A memory of the horrible nature of war, and why PEACE is so important. It's a stark and grim reminder of why we must STOP fighting and start moving toward peace.

Last Standing

The Japanese know this more than anybody, because in seven thousand years of human existance ONLY Japan has been through a NUCLEAR POST APOCALYPTIC attack by the most devestating weapon ever created. A weapon by its very nature was to kill everything without mercy. This is the terrifying history and the horrible facts which remind us all that PEACE and LOVE is of the utmost importance. Perhaps even more so in todays chaotic world.

When I met the bomb... and that's the prayer.

"When I Met the Bomb" is a famous prayer that is said in memory of the victims of the Hiroshima bombing. I won't go into gory details, but after coming out of the museum not a single person had a dry eye. Too many regrets and sad scenes reminded everyone of the sadness and embarassment which comes with war and killing.

1 Million Cranes for World Peace!

In the Japanese culture the Crane (bird) is known as a good luck omen. The bird in synonymous with 'peace' and 'beauty' and so One Thousand oragami Cranes folded out of paper will grant a person one wish. There are several million of these birds surounding the Atomic Bomb and Peace Memorials in both Nagasakin and Hiroshima. A longing for a better world and a great sorrow filled beauty comes with these little paper birds. They are a powerful message and a positive dream worth having.

While I was between meetings, and also in the afternoon, I managed to find some interesting city landmarks and take some fun pictures too!

I clones meself again, and again, and again...!

I even got a nice picture of my friend Ayed and his girlfriend Sayuri. Ayed's parents are strict Muslim, and at first they didn't approve of him seeing a Japanese woman, but after Sayuri went to visit Ayed's family they all fell in love with her polite and tender personality. Ayed is a very lucky man to find such a lovely lady like Sayuri! I wish them both the best of luck and a bright future.

My friend Ayed Hasian and his girlfriend Sayuri.

Well that's it's for round one. I'll be taking more photos with my mobile phone soon, so stick around for more! Comming soon to a blog near you!


Noor said...

Really Tristan. Are you serious?!! Wonderful!!! So, What kind of Cell phone you have?!! I should buy one too! Nokia, Motorola or maybe Japanese cell phone?!
Oh dear. My heart stopped once when I saw a documentary film about these nuclear bombs that USA dropped on Japan. So horrible and unbelievable. People must learn and not forget what happened there and in many parts in this world. Millions suffered by different ways. Now I will cry, so how about me in this museum. I know I will keep crying all day.
I love Japanese culture and I love their special art with origami. They are really good artists.
Oh, I didn't expect your friend Ayed has "girlfriend"!!. Don't blame his parents for begin worried. We don't have this expressions "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". Yet, I love to see people with backgrounds meeting and get serious marriage relationships. Sometimes, if there a real commitment between the both sides, the marriage will work right with them.
Is he very tall man or Saiyuri is sweet little woman?

Michelle said...

Cloned Tristans would be soooo scary! By the way, do the Japanese always give the peace sign when you take pictures? It seems to be a trend. What's up with that?