Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sugar Buns are Yummy!

Swirly Muffins! These cinnamon buns look delicious. Yummy.

Whoah! Check out these buns! These are German made buns. Hahaha. They also look delicious. Um...okay, so that was a stupid joke. Never mind.

Anyway, forget the pun, there's only one thing cooler than Germany's 'Love Parade' and that's this next doozy!

We've got a Spacestation! How freakin' cool is that? It's like we've boldy gone where no man has gone beofe! Or more accurately, we've gone up. Just slightly above the stratosphere, in geosynchronous orbit.


Neverland said...

Hey Tristan,

It's been a while since I've visited you here :)

Those babies are sure YUMMY!

Neverland said...

I am not talking about the CHICKS, if you are wondering :D I am straight :D

canyoureadmycomment :D said...

عن جد كويس
بس نحن مبنحبش هالكعكات
وزي ما بتقولوا انتوا

Tristan Vick said...

No, I can't read your comment. But if you're refering to the picture of the women's buttox, that's a photo from Germany's 'Love Parade'.

The 'Love Parade' is a world wide celebration of love, and sadly, it got overlooked this year. Instead of people paying attention to what's important, loving each other and being friendly, everyone's attention has been focused on the violence in the Middle East.

Tristan Vick said...


No worries! I know you wouldn't be checking out the chicks. You're not allowed, because that's my job. Haha.

Thanks for stopping bye. Now my fiance is going to kill me for saying that, but she knows that I'm only joking. She is the first in my heart always! Nobody else matters, no matter how nice a butt they have. hahaha.