Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome to Graceland; Welcome to America

Koizumi does more Elvis Impersonations

The King Lives On!

Now that I got that out of the way, Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visits the estate of Elvis known universally as Graceland, with his buddy George Bush. For more on this fun trip, and exciting reason to come visit the U.S. please click: here.

Pink Cadillac

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to change direction a bit and talk about politics from my own unique view.

Many people ask me why I flop between conservative and liberal view points. They ask me, well what political party do you support? Whichever one is best suited to run the country and maintain the people's liberty, I tell them. After they give up on that idea, they ask me, well what's your political ideology? Whichever one is best suited to run the country and maintain the people's equalty and freedom. When my mind numbing answer confuses them, they just give up and politely listen to what I have to say. They don't listen to be polite, or because they have to, but they listen because what I have to say is something many (but not all) Americans lack. The ability to step out of the American 'mind set' and see our country from a foreigners eyes, then suddenly jump back in and explain the value and importance of America, Freedom, and Liberty for all. Including other nations? Yes.

But before you cite the Iraqi "occupation" as an evil, just look at these pictures of the Prime Minister of Japan. Once, Japan was a nation sworn to be the mortal enemy of America. They believed that the Emperor, an all mighty Sun God, was on their side and would aid them in the total destruction of the "American monster." They believed they could ally with the evils of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Now, in 2006 of the 21st century Japan is our greatest friend and ally. Germany and Japan follow the U.S. in global economic power, and yes, it was because the U.S. butted in and put its mighty nose where is (maybe) shouldn't have been. But the U.S. did it anyway, and now these countries all share in global supremacy, luxury, and peacefulness. Hello Iraq, how are you today?

Strike a Pose!

Let me state that I do not believe the War in Iraq had a very just cause. Yes Sadam Hussein was evil. No his people couldn't beg him to stop. The United States Supreme Court just put President Bush back into his place, and this represents the *will of the people. America's separations and balance of powers ensures that we control our freedoms... and although I don't see a justifiable reason to have invaded Iraq soil, the U.S. has an affinity for putting its mighty nose where it (maybe) shouldn't be. But we did it none-the-less. Hello Iraq, still not doing well? Maybe we can fix that.

Gold Frames

I've heard many protestors complain that our invasion in Iraq is unjust. I have to disagree. It was unwarranted for sure. It was handled roughly by the Bush Administration, without delicacy or grace, but I will say this, if you look at the United State's track record you will find that even though our political ideologies sometimes get imposed on others, it always turns out for the better.

Sure, Iraq faces hardship, turmoil, and hectic chaos on a day to day basis, but this is the immediate effect of losing a totalitarian regime. When you have lawlessness, you get this great divide of anarchists and apathetic innocents. I agree that the current situation in Iraq couldn't be worse. Is it the U.S.'s fault? No! Not entirely. The problems were deep seeded and were there before the U.S. ever came to occupy the area in the name of Democracy.

What of this Democracy? Is this just an evil the U.S. imposed hidden under the veil of sheep’s clothing to appear as merely 'nice sounding' words? If you think that the U.S. idea of Freedom and Democracy is this, if you think it's all a hoax to support its plan for world domination, then you have seen one too many bad movies. If you want to see the real truth, look at the Germany of today. Look at the stability, peace, and power of countries like Germany and Japan, and if you can still tell me that in 50 or 60 year Iraq won't be as strong, peaceful, and stable, or at the very least better off then before the United States intervened, then I will eat my hat. But in 60 years, if Iraq is better off, and I am right, then I am afraid I won't have enough hats for everyone else to eat.

Taking a walk towards future peace

Many, many, many people don't want the U.S. in Iraq, and they want us gone like yester-year. They think America is there only to take the Iraqi people's oil. How silly is this cover up? Come now, don't you think that's a bit far fetched? Are you projecting your fears that you will be limited by suppressive forces alien to yourself? It's not a conspiracy, and we don't want the oil for ourselves, we want to give it back to the people of Iraq. Here's the thing, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan, and many of the Arab nations which have oil, are far wealthier and richer than the U.S. or any other nation. Then why is it they have poverty? Why do we see such hardship on the television? Who takes all their money? The rulers of those countries often take a fair share, the scraps then go to the highest bidder. But what happens if the country is destroyed and the governments are built back up using an existing model? A model known to work properly and well? Not only once, but three times. Should we not have faith it will work a fourth time too? If the people in Iraq can take control of their own country, have a democratic government they (the people!) can control, and the oil belongs to them, once they become stable, peaceful, and economically powerful will it all be in vein? It's a gamble for sure, but ask yourselves quite seriously, will it all have been in vein? I sure hope not.

United We Stand (Together)

American's are not as greedy or bad as movies make us look. Look at real examples like Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates (the richest men on Earth!) who give ALL of their wealth to the cause of charity, peace, and spreading of good will. Sure America has its problems, sure I don't agree with the unwarranted occupation, but look at America's track record. I think what we are doing in Iraq is important. Others will disagree, but I think we've proven ourselves time and time again as "Peace Keepers" and sitting back and doing nothing has never helped the cause of peace. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, and sometimes you have to tell others it's time to share. The fact that America upholds these important ideals of charity, equality, peace, kindness, moral values, and the like is only a testament to our true nature. This is the American idea of peace -freedom for every individual so that they may live in peace and harmony with their fellow mankind.

The problem isn't America forcing other's to follow good ideas of peace, equality, tollerance, etc., the problem lies in those who don't want to change because they like living in the unclean world -because it benefits them -even if others may suffer. But where's the justice in that? Others must suffer so Kings can be self gratifying and practice mammon? What if we did occupy Iraq? What if we gave a great promise that at the end of the day there is something greater. What if we informed you there is peace for everyone, and although the suffering may continue, you all can be free together and free to have the choice to be happy? What if that freedom of the suffering could be attained if only you'd work as hard as we did to get it? What if we showed you how? Yes, it won't be easy. We never said it would be. But it's there. It is real.

Japan and the U.S., friends forever!

Righting the wrongs was never supposed to be our job. Yet suddenly, there were so many wrongs in the world, and nobody was doing anything about it. America woke up, and like a mother who drags her child into the bath, although the young child kicks and screams and throws a fit, the parent knows better. Even though that child may cause harm to itself or to its parent by putting up a good fight, the parent knows a bath will do the child good. Sometimes we all need a good cleansing, and when you live in a world which has filled up with so much filth so adeptly, you have to grab it by the back of the ear and cleanse it. NO, I'm afraid we never asked to be the peace keepers of the world, but the world had a strange way of telling us to do so. On September 9/11 America woke up, and said, "Hey, it's time to give the world a bath, and clean up this vile muck of evil and oppression." All I can say is if you don't like it, then maybe YOU should have done something a long time ago about it.

Granted pushing people about and making them be like us is a bully type mentality, you might have to wonder, maybe that pushing around and stirring things up a bit only made you grow stronger? But it happened to Germany. It happened to Japan, and as history shows, they came out alright in the end. Japan even maintained its ancient and wonderful culture and history. Because they were free to do so. Iraq will enjoy the same freedom and maybe (to the chagrin of many Middle Eastern nations) in the future the man in the photos walking with the President of the United States won’t be the Prime Minister of Japan, but instead, the Prime Minister of Iraq. Did Iraq ask for us to burst into their country and force a new political ideology on them? No. Did they necessarily want it? Probably not. Is there great strife and hardship in Iraq now? Yes. Did America cause it? No. Did America bring awareness to the problems and then inflame them by poking them with a stick? Yes. Will Iraq prosper and benefit in the long run? Yes. Let's just hope that although the United States of America sometimes puts its nose where it doesn't belong, that the end result is beneficial for everyone. I think We have a good track record thus far. Although we may be a bit on the shy end of tact, our hearts are in the right place. So if you still hate America, then take it on faith, or look at the political science that backs up what I say and take it on historical evidence. Yet only time will tell for certain, I only pray that it is in God's will to have a more peaceful and harmonious future for all mankind.


Noor said...

i liked the pics. Koizumi as i know is so popular character in Japan.
Nice post. :)

Tristan Vick said...

Yeah, I thought these pictures were fun.

Sometimes we forget that Bush and Koizumi are just regular people like everyone else. They just have very big jobs, because they run countries.

I just wanted to show the "lighter" side to these two men. They actually are normal, and have their own quirks, and like to play and hang out together. I think this shows how friendly America is, and how much Japan and America love each other as countries. We used to be enemies! But now we are good pals.

So it is fun to see these pictures, because I think the news and Media always (always!) reports the bad and negative things, but neglects to show the good side too. So from me to you, let me share the good side also! Enjoy.

chado said...

yo dude! whattup?
when are you leaving again?

Tristan Vick said...

Chado! Long time no see man! You'll have to come see me in Japan. I leave at the end of this month and orientation will run through Aug. 2 in Tokyo.

Stay in touch!