Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moving to Japan!

Train tracks running through town.

As I prepare to make my move to Japan I realize how much stuff I've collected over the years. I have way too many DVDs, and now that everything is changing again, as the DVD format has gone Hi-Definition with Blue Ray and HD-DVDs I feel like my DVD collection is obsolete. It's a horrible feelings, considering how much money I've spent on it, but it must be sort of how everyone felt when the switch from VHS to DVD happened.

Getting ready to teach Japanese children the ways of English speaking will be fun. I'm looking forward to working as a JET teacher in Japan. I know it will be a blast.

Also, I can't wait to be back in Japan. Japan may have its downsides like every country, but it has many wonderful aspects. Almost NO petty crime. There is never any gun crimes since -guns don't kill people... people kill people. That phrase is tossed around America alot, but it's only true if there are no guns to kill people, because I really doubt that it's the guns fault altogether, but its stupid to hold the person accountable and not the fact that they managed to aquire a "weapon of lethat killing force" without so much as a hiccup. That's America for you! I feel safer in Japan.

On top of that, I really like the politeness and great service you get when dining out. Japan has many restuarants which cator to a wide variety of ethnic choices. In fact, Japan has more places to eat than any place I've seen, and much of the culture is based around food activity. Whether it is classic Japanese tea ceremony, giving food to your ancestors by placing their favorite treat on a shrine or grave, or just giving souveniers of specialty snacks from your region, or tabehodai and nomihodai (all you can eat and drink buffets), Japan has huge emphasis on the soothing and pleasant feelings of food and ceremony. It's something I miss a lot.

Not to forget about Japanese hot springs. Oh my goodness! There is nothing like sampling the natural heated water from Japan's volcanic underbelly. There are hotsprings everywhere, and you can tour Japan for a month, enjoy a new hotsprings every night, and still not has sampled 1/8ths of the countries readily available hotsprings. I can't wait to go relax in a soothing hotspring and just soak up the wonderful water and minerals.

I must admit that in Japan, I never once felt bored, and going back is something I greatly look forward too. In the next few weeks I'll be getting my computer and stuff all packed away, so don't expect too many posts between now and mid-August. I'll be sure to get Internet while I'm in Japan so I can update with photos, but you will all have to forgive the dry spell and be patient as I get re-grouped and re-situated.

Thanks for reading!


Neverland82 said...

Hey Good luck :)

Noor said...

Hah,, me too . Good Luck Dear ;)