Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gorie Rocks

Gori in Hawaii

Gorie, a big hairy 'not so handsome' Japanese man known for his physical homour and slap-stick routines dresses up as a girl and does his version of the song "Micky." The comedian (one of my personal favorites) shot up the Japanese Billboard to number #1 spot in 2005 for his rendition of Micky. He also does a U.S. 'English' Version of the song, but it's so 'odd' and funny to watch it in the original Japanese. Here is some 'wacky' Japanese commedy at work, and another hillarious video, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Gotta' luv those crazy Japanese. They are so wacky!

Neverland82 said...

Thanks for sharing pal :)

Neverland said...

hello? Anybody there? ECHO! How are you pal? Long time no posts :)