Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last Exile

Last Exile

It's rare that I will hype or even talk about Japanese Anime, because I love all animation (even the bad stuff) and tend to be bias. However, there is one Anime series I want to recommend because I saw more imagination and passion in the art of this series called: Last Exile than in any other.

Normally I don't review Anime series, because I think the experience is something that you have to figure out for yourself -after all cartoons aren't for everyone. But I do recommend this show for anyone interested in trying out Japanese Anime for the first time or for veteran fans who enjoy top notch quality animation and stories. I don't want to ruin the story, so I'll just tell you a brief snippit of what it's about. Two young orphans, Clause and Navi, race there unique magnetic/steam flying planes, called vanships, to win money and parts. They join a courier service to gain extra money and when they must deliver a message in the middle of a civil conflict the two find themselves at the center of an encroaching World War.

Soon our heroes find themselves taking on a bigger mission than they can handle when a small child named Alvis (Al) is left in their charge. Clause swears at all costs to protect the innocent girl, and he keeps his promise. But not before the mysterious Alex Rowe, a notorious mercenary warrior who helms the most feared airship of all, brings Clause, Avi, and Al onto the infamous battle ship Silvana.

Once joined up, Clause and Avi become part of Alex Rowe's crew, and a new cast of characters are introduced as everyone sets out on a journey of survival. Amongst the chaos, Alvis seems to bee the focul point of the war, as her mysterious past and purpose is only known to an elite few. As the mystery unfolds an ancient relic known as the Last Exile threatens the world, and only Alex Rowe and his band of mercenaries along with Clause, Avi, and Al can save the world and bring peace and order.

Tatiana flies in red

The series Last Exile has some of the best character designs I've seen in a steampunk genre. The lead character designer is the famous Japanese artist Range Murata known for his contributions to the ROBOT art book anthologies. Along with the amazing design, this series has a wealth of imagination akin to Star Wars. Many people have compared this show to George Lucas's epic series as Last Exile shares many original and fantastical ideas with a fun and fairytale type spirit. The mixing of myth and legend and technology give the series a rich atmosphere and wealth of concepts to pull from. The animation consists of 2-D and 3-D elements which are blended seemlessly together as this is one of the better animated series coming from the acclaimed GONZO Studios.

For anyone who wants to experience a wonderful Japanese Anime (animation) or wants advice on where to start, I would recommend you watch Last Exile. It has intriquing characters and never becomes cliche. The story and art is excellent, the designs and ideas one hundred percent original, and it ranks as one of my top favorite Anime series. For people who know and love the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, GTS: Stand Alone Complex, and Escaflowne, and Naruto will definately love Last Exile.

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Yay~ it's a wonderful anime! i love the art~