Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jewel Bonus

Jewel bonus DVD

Sorry, I know this isn't technically Japanese, but I posted this last night to see if the image would convert automatically from the scan to fit on my Blog. I was going to delete it again, but then I went to bed and kind of forgot about it. Instead of confusing everyone with vanishing pictures, I'll just leave it up instead.

At least this way we can enjoy Jewel's blond barbie-esque beauty. Although, she's a lot more feminine and peachy soft than waxy old Barbie. Has anyone esle seen the Again and Again video? It's really cool, and show's Jewel! Hey, that rhymed. Maybe I can write song lyrics now. "There once was a bee sipping some tea!"
Anyway, you can find the Again and Again m-video and the wonderful Goodbye Alice in Wonderland m-vid at Jewel's official website: Enjoy!

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